M2G Intelligent Boiler Load ControlThe M2G is an advanced intelligent boiler control that optimizes the heating efficiency of hot water boilers. A unit attached to each boiler monitors the temperature of the water in the flow and return every 10 seconds and the information is recorded, along with the heat transfer rates at both the first and second stage firings.

When a loading demand is made, the M2G system automatically checks the latest data it has stored and decides whether it is more economical to retain first stage firing or to introduce a second stage firing. The result is a substantial fuel reduction during less demanding situations while ensuring maximum capacity during heavy load periods.

The M2G is not to be mistaken with a time delay unit. The M2G uses self learning intelligence when deciding if and when a boiler should fire and for how long it should fire. Time delay units on the other hand will stop the burner from firing even when there is a real demand from the building for heat. The timer adds additional control but not additional intelligence to the system and comfort levels in the building will be negatively affected.

The M2G system is designed to be used in a wide variety of commercial applications that consume natural gas, LP gas, Class C oil or Class D oil. Although designed for multiple boilers, it can also be used singly and can be fitted to many types of boiler including forced draft and atmospheric systems.greffen-m2g-microprocessor

The M2G system, by concentrating on overall boiler efficiency, significantly reduces energy consumption through elimination of wasteful burner firing and effectively spreads the system loading demand over the number of installed boilers.

The M2G is a unique system that fits with other building energy management systems (BEMS), and we have numerous verified documented installations clearly illustrate a reduction in energy consumption of up to 25%.

Here are some additional advantages:

  • High return on investment with paybacks normally between 6 and 24 months.
  • Easily and quickly installed with an average installation time of 90 minutes per boiler, with no readjustment ,or calibration required throughout the lifetime of the M2G system.
  • No disruption to the heating system during installation.
  • Both single and multi-boiler M2G Installations  qualify for the Energy Technology List.
  • Increased boiler life through reduced firing and more effective control.
  • U.L. Approved.
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Yes No
Closed-Loop Hot Water Boliers Steam Boilers
Boilers that experience normal cycling behavior Conventional domestic hot water heaters
Natural Gas, Propane, LPG, or Oil Electric Boilers
Single or multiple boiler configurations (one M2G per boiler) Boilers that don’t cycle (either run continuously or rarely)
Single Stage, Multi-Stage, or Modulating boilers RBI Boilers controlled on building return
Systems with or without existing temperature reset controls) Boilers that don’t cycle (either run continuously or rarely)
Systems with or without existing Building Management
Systems (BMS)
Boilers with greater than 15°F dead band

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