At GREFFEN they know how to apply proven energy savings technologies.

GREFFEN Systems, Incorporated provides energy efficient technology solutions that are proven to reduce both energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 25 percent. GREFFEN which stands for “Green Efficient Energy” Systems, provides cost effective solutions to commercial and industrial customers and offers typical return on investment in less than 2 years.

GREFFEN markets intelligent control systems for commercial heating systems based upon proven and field tested technology. GREFFEN’s product suite includes a microprocessor based solution that can be retrofitted to commercial and industrial boilers that use gas and/or oil to heat space and water. Over 4000 European locations have been installed, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, Ford Motor Company, Deutsche Bank, Britain’s National Health Service, Lloyds TSB, Bank of England, KPMG Europe, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Starbucks.

GREFFEN’s boiler technology is not a time delay system. The solution differentiates between building load calls and standing loss (or false) calls. It matches the firing rate to the actual load on the system and improves the effectiveness of every boiler cycle. Boiler firing frequency will typically be reduced by up to 50%, which will significantly reduce the thermal shock on the system and extend the useful life of the boiler. Single or two stage, gas or oil fired boilers, regardless of size, can benefit from GREFFEN’s boiler solutions.

Energy costs and carbon emissions continue to increase, placing additional pressures on organizations to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. However, finding proven, cost effective technology can be challenging. Today’s customers want “Green” suppliers. Solar and wind-turbine based solutions don’t begin to match the payback of GREFFEN’s ROI of under 2 years. The volatility of energy prices and the benefits of being environmentally conscious have become a top priority of every business. Incorporating GREFFEN’s technology into your business strategy will deliver significant savings from day one.