Greffen Systems provides energy and emissions saving technology for both the Public and Private sectors. Energy costs and carbon emissions continue to increase, placing additional pressures on organizations to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

While energy costs continue to increase, worldwide carbon emissions are also increasing at an exponential rate. Today, worldwide carbon emissions exceed 30 Billion Metric Tons a year. Furthermore, during the 1990s the average global increase in CO2 emissions was 1.1%. As of 2004 the average increase had risen to 3.1% per year. It is time for technology that assists organizations in reducing both their energy usage as well as carbon emissions.

Based upon established technology, Greffen Systems products are proven to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption by up to 25 percent with typical payback in fewer than 24 months. The environment is becoming a top priority to all organizations and the Greffen product set allows organizations to embrace both corporate and social responsibility. Greffen offers an environmentally conscious solution with a tremendous ROI. Incorporating Greffen’s technology into your business’s energy and carbon strategy will deliver significant results from the day of installation.